Summer Concert Series

August 18, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Live music by Christian Q & the Groove!

**Note: Due to technical issues, we are not able to offer online ticket sales for this event. Tickets will on sale at the door. There are plenty of seats so plan to come!

When you hear Christian Quesenberry’s original, Coastlines To Mountaintops, it’s not hard to see the story behind the song. Born in Sacramento, California but moved to Virginia to an adopted family at two years old- Christian has grown from small-town dreams to a full-blown music career at the age of 25.

His musical foundation is built upon a combination of experiences- from learning to play in his local church band, to high school years spent pursuing choir and a possible future in teaching music. Somehow, all paths lead him to the same destination- knowing that his passion was to build a career in music.

Singing since he was a small child, he also picked up the guitar at age 10. Over the years he found a knack for not just guitar, but drums and piano as well. A student at Staunton River High School, he was active in both the choir program and the musical theatre program.

At age 23 he began playing cajon (or box drum) with Smith Mountain Lake bluegrass band Ricky & The Banjo Mites. Made up of Ricky, Laura, and Amy Quesenberry and friend Dave Owens- The Banjo Mites were an SML favorite!

After receiving a Callback Audition to American Idol in early 2022, he hit the ground running with his band, The Groove, and has quickly gained recognition for his captivating stage presence, soulful vocals, and his rhythmic approach to the acoustic guitar.

The Groove is a multi genre-list band birthed right out of Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. They play an eclectic mix of old favorites and new originals by the band themselves. Christian draws his musical inspiration from artists like Bill Withers, John Mayer, James Taylor, Tom Petty and many more. Christian’s soulful voice and captivating stage presence will insight joy and infectious grooving.

$10/person, tickets on sale at the door


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